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Tri-Amino™ and TAFA400™ are revolutionary patent-pending formulations that regenerate cells in the body. Think about that for a moment.

There exists, today, a cellular-regeneration technology that is as clean and safe as the purest water … all natural … effective across a wide variety of conditions … applied in a variety of ways – topically, intravenously, orally, through an inhaler – depending on the condition.

The Benefits
of Both

World-renowned stem cell pioneer Todd Ovokaitis, MD, discusses the importance of preparing for stem cell treatments with the products of the Luminec Corporation.


Scientist and Luminec co-founder Steven R. Schutt discusses the discovery and applications of his revolutionary cellular regeneration formulas Tri-Amino™ and TAFA400™.

Proved Success


In the last ten years, Luminec Life Sciences has amassed over 900 human case studies which demonstrate the healing power of our proprietary cellular-regeneration formulations, TAFA400™ and Tri-Amino™, when applied to a wide variety of medical conditions. Our patients are treated by an elite medical and scientific team led by Dr. Randall Davis, CEO of Luminec Life Sciences Wellness Clinics USA, who has combined the formulations Tri-Amino™ & TAFA400™, based on the Schutt Paradigm of Free Amino Alignment & Molecular Stability, with a nutrition program customized for each patient to fortify the patient’s immune systems to maximum levels.

  • Patient: Annette Olguin
    Condition: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    annette-olguinThis patient continues to thrive on our program. She has had great energy, doesn’t feel sick, and works out now 4-5 times per week walking and doing other light workouts at the gym. It appears that the use of the TAFA400™ in IV format immediately following the chemo therapy was a total success.

  • Patient: Jay Mitchell
    Condition: Primary Lateral Sclerosis

    jay-mitchellThe results have been very impressive to say the least. Prior to Mr. Mitchell’s first procedure, he had a positive Babinski reflex indicating an upper motor lesion. Five minutes after the stem cell procedure was finished, the reflex had vanished, as if the motor neurons were functioning more normally.

  • Patient: Jeanne Scolnick
    Condition: Lyme Disease

    Prior to beginning our treatments, she was experiencing night sweats, but once she started our IV treatments, she noticed an incredible response. She noticed for the first time in decades that her joints were not in pain! She couldn’t believe it. She called me the next day and said, “I don’t know what’s in this stuff, but I feel amazing!” She went on to describe how over the next several weeks she had so much energy, she was running around like a teenager …

  • Patient: Sylvia Cottrell
    Conditions: Multiple Myeloma, Kidney Failure

    Sylvia Cottrell is a 66-year-old African American woman who presented to us in the spring of this year with complaints of Multiple Myeloma and Kidney Disease. Despite less than optimal compliance, we did see some significant improvements. Her mood seemed to be much improved, as was her energy level: from barely walking 50 feet, she now walks well over 200 feet—and asks how much farther would we like her to walk?


About the Luminec Corporation

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Our Future Vision

“In addition to offering transformational healing products throughout the developed world, it is our goal to provide underprivileged individuals in third world countries with a unique stand-alone formula in the form of a broad-spectrum topical lotion for the treatment of diseases and most skin injuries (including burns). With full regard for basic human rights, it is our intent to deliver this product in a cost-effective manner never seen before.”
Steven R. Schutt and John Everding, Founders


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“Steven Schutt & Luminec Corporation have, over the last four years, achieved remarkable results, combining Tri-Amino™ & Fulhold’s Fulvic Acid, creating TAFA400™.”

Stephen W. Leviers, Director & Chief Scientific Officer, Fulhold Pharma, June 2014